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My favorite features of iOS

I have used Android for the past 10+ years, so my iOS knowledge is not very good. The only experience I had was many years ago with a iPod Touch 4th Gen and an iPod Touch 7th Gen, where I was able to use iOS 16.

I just finished setting up my iPhone 15 Pro Max, here is a screenshot of iSH and neofetch:

In my first days I discovered many cool things, which I would like to list here. Keep in mind, that this list is incomplete and will hopefully extend in the future:

  • Sideloading using SideStore
  • Text replacements and functions of the keyboard (like holding Space for a trackpad or sliding from 123 to a key to quickly type it: video)
  • Assistive touch with the customizable menu to make the Max Phone more handy when accessing Notification/Control Center (I basically do not use Reachability mode at all)
  • Shortcuts (Subreddit)
  • Integration of different things (like showing the location of the next calendar event in the Maps widget)
  • 80% charging limit & battery life compared to Android (see Pixel 7 vs iPhone 15 PM at a similar mAh capacity)
  • OS stability & notification reception over all (way worse with Google Play Services in my opinion)
  • Integration of communication protocols like IMAP, Cal DAV & Card DAV into the OS level without third party apps
  • Password fill from other sources than iCloud passwords (Bitwarden)
  • Backup via Finder on a Mac with USB 3.0 speeds thanks to USB-C & A17 Pro
  • Settings sync for text replacements to other iCloud devices (including Mac)

Author: peterge