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[Micro] Switching to English language for the content of this blog

As you can read in the headline, I prefer to write all upcoming articles in this blog in English, starting with this announcement post. I will briefly summarize why I am making this decision, why I am making this change now, and how the DevOps Engineer job has changed my habits, both professionally and personally.

Last year, I moved from a position as a systems administrator for Linux and monitoring to a position as a DevOps Engineer. This encouraged the use of English even more than in my previous position, as I had to do a lot more research work on the Internet, which led to a more independent approach to tasks which results in more research on the Internet. And since I use DuckDuckGo as a search engine that follows the browser's default language, I mainly read articles, posts, and documentation in English. Furthermore, setting the language on Linux servers to German should lead to the imposition of the death penalty, as debugging error messages becomes way more difficult.

Thereupon I have finally switched the language on all my tech devices (phones and laptops, both personal and professional) to English, and I started to watch most YouTube videos or play games in English language, which also has to do with the resources I am consuming (like guides for various games) being in English, and it is a lot easier to have a game set to English when following a guide. Or to have the OS set to English when following sequences on Stack Overflow, different articles or guides.

Right now I am quite frequently using tools like LanguageTool or DeepL as translator, because I do not feel that comfortable writing posts in English language yet, but it is improving quite rapidly. My best skill is understanding, because that is what I do most of the time at work. That is why my formulations may need some revision, and that's why I am finally making this decision.

Furthermore, I translated all captions and headings on this blog to English, except the privacy policy and the imprint, which need to stay in German, obviously.

Author: peterge