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[Micro] Tesla: Custom Locksound

This is just a short article which describes how to change the lock sound of your Tesla car to a custom audio file on USB.

Two weeks ago I finally found an offer for the car I was looking for since more than one year: a Tesla Model 3 RWD in Space Grey from 10/2022.
One of the first things that I discovered after I installed custom things like the S3XY Knob, was to change the sound which is played back via the outside speaker when the owner leaves the Bluetooth range of the car.

To configure this, all you need to do is to place a audio file on the USB stick in the glove box and set the Lock Sound to USB in Entertainment: Toybox > Boombox, as described in this video.

Then I used these commands, to create a .wav file, that contains the words "Sleep mode actived. Goodbye!" from a turret in the game Portal made by Valve:

youtube-dl -x --audio-format wav https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClvR7x9YWsA3405
youtube-dl -x --audio-format wav https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0Ke0Q3uglE
ffmpeg -i "Sleep Mode Activated Turret-Y0Ke0Q3uglE.wav" -i "Turret says.goodbye-ClvR7x9YWsA.wav" -filter_complex "[0:a][1:a]concat=n=2:v=0:a=1[out]" -map "[out]" LockChime.wav

Its important to give the file the exact name: LockChime.wav and to place it in the root of the USB stick.

While looking for this online, I found another interesting GitHub project: teslausb, which is basically a Raspberry Pi that is able to emulate a USB drive to backup the dashcam recordings, which are saved on this USB stick too. This could enable a random lock sound, every time you lock the car. (Issue#803)

But for now its just this sound:

Author: peterge